What does the Bible say about Statute Laws?

Is Statute Law Biblical?

In short, no. The law of the Bible is grounded in moral absolutes and not in transitory statutes. Crimes should be considered crimes regardless of whether or not there is a “law on the books” which states that it is so. These “unalienable rights,” based in Scripture are universally applicable and transcend all times, locations, and cultures and function as the only true source of justice of and righteousness.

Civil statues, since they are rooted in the will of the government (or the people or the ruling class, etc.) lack any transcendental nature and are prone to change, reinterpretation, or “progress” – or, in short, are prone to injustice.

Biblically speaking, all crimes are firstly crimes against God himself (Psalm 51:4) and are therefore subject to his say in terms of of what constitutes them, what the punishment should be, and when and how restitution should be made.

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